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Vendredi 30 octobre 2020
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02/03/2011 14:48 Il y a: 10 an(s)

Doctoral Program in Accounting, Reporting and Taxation

Auteur : Sophie Ranchy-Desrumaux

Catégorie(s) : Informations générales, Financement des études, Doctorat

L'appel à projet est ouvert jusqu'au 31 mars 2011.

DART is a doctoral program in Accounting, Reporting, and Taxation with a comprehensive view of economics-based research and a strict focus on quantitative methods and modeling. It is located in Graz and Vienna, Austria, and is a joint initiative of the University of Graz, the University of Vienna, and the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. The program is in English and covers all major fields of accounting: financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, taxation, and corporate governance.

Students admitted to DART are required to enroll with the appropriate formal doctoral program at one of the three participating universities. DART scholarship holders are paid a salary (after taxes and social security payments) of approximately 18.000 Euros per year. Applications must be received by March 31, 2011.

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