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Monday 29 November 2021
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Viva voce examinations of PhD Thesis

Not creative agreements of obligations (19-nov-2007, 14:30)

06/11/2007 14:45 Age: 14 an(s)
Category: CRDP-Demogue, Private Law PhD

By: Romain Loir

This Private Law PhD thesis was realised inside the Centre René Demogue and supervised by Christophe Jamin

Within all the agreements, the contract characterizes by his creative effect of obligations. Next to the contract strictly speaking, there are thus agreements which do not create obligations.
These agreements could be likened to contracts because the distinction of the contract and the agreement would present no interest. In other words, the fact that an agreement creates obligations or not would have not enough importance. The legal regime of the not creative agreements would not present considerable specificities towards that of the contract. It is this idea this thesis intends to question. After all, why a difference of regime would not be associated with a natural difference beetween contracts and not creative agreements of
obligations ?