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Tuesday 19 October 2021
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Viva voce examinations of PhD Thesis

Islamic bank : Efficiency and constraints

25/01/2007 15:32 Age: 15 an(s)
Category: Economics PhD, Armand-Denis Schor

By: ZAHID Abdelkahar

This PhD thesis in Economics was realised inside the Cadre (EQUIPPE, ED n°73) and supervised by Armand-Denis Schor

The international financial scene is now experiencing a great emergence of islamic finance, in particular because of the continuous creation of new islamic banks in the four corners of the earth and of which experience so far shows the amazing dunamism of these institutions . Faced with the extent of the islamic banking phenomenon, « traditional » banks also tried to conquer this new and flourishing market . This study not only tries to explain the reasons of the foundation of such financial institutions that have their origins in Islam, but also to take stock of these bank's operations and to evaluate their efficiency, their potential and difficulties, for example, through a field study, representative of existing islamic banks as a whole, as well as their place on the national and international economic levels and in foreign aid to developing musling countries