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Tuesday 19 October 2021
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Viva voce examinations of PhD Thesis

The privatization of the banking sector : comparative study between Egypt and France

28/06/2007 14:27 Age: 14 an(s)
Category: Economics PhD, Said Rohaine, Thèse déposée sur TEL

By: AHMED Ghazal

This PhD thesis in Economics was realised inside the Cadre (EQUIPPE, ED n°73) and supervised by Saïd Rohaine

The banking sector occupies an important rank in the national economy . As it is always in the core of economy providing the financing to the different economical sectors . Because of this important role of the banking sector, this sector was a subject for waves of the nationalization during the 20th century . But as it is the matter in different of the economical sectors, the public property of the banking sector has left its negative effects on this important sector . Now and with the world attitudes toward economical of the market and the financial liberalization we find that most of the advanced countries and also the developing countries have put programs for privatization which included privatization of the banks . However, motivations of the banking privatization, its size, its technical and also its results may differ from one country to another . This research is concerned with study of the banking sector privatization in Egypt as a developingcountry by the way of comparing it with privatization of the banking sector in France as an advanced country that has a great experience in this field . This research consists of two parts : the first part considers of studying the banking sector structure, its economical and financial rôle the property of the banking sector in the two countries of this study . The second part is concerned with studying the legal and financial organization for the banking privatization and also the economical and financial results owning to this privatization

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