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Tuesday 19 October 2021
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Viva voce examinations of PhD Thesis

The adaptation of the french medico-social system to the european model : management of social institutions, organisation, environment, activities

29/09/2007 14:17 Age: 14 an(s)
Category: Armand-Denis Schor, Economics PhD

By: Sentein Daniel

This economics PhD thesis was realised inside the Cadre (EQUIPPE, ED n°73) and supervised by Armand-Denis Schor

The first part of this research investigates the parallel paths of economic and
social developments throughout history, and then describes the current issues relevant to the internal and external social and medico-social partners. The study especially tries to explain the resistance to change and the breaking lines caused by Law N° 2002-2 of January 2nd, 2002. Our research shows how this sector, producer of social bonds, paradoxically marginalised itself.

The second part is an attempt at predicting in which way European contribution
in company management, as well as those of economic science, can help this sector to renovate itself and recover its legitimacy. Through the analysis of the major uncertainties in this sector, the research identifies five key variables which condition the restructuring and the long-term future of the institutions and services. The study opens on the design of a reference document and assessment tools for prospective

political economics ; medico-assessment / European Union countries ; social policies ; strategic planning ; forecasting ; theory of -; resistance to change.